Flotal E

  • Flotal E is the trademark of ecological mirror of Şişecam Flat Glass.
  • Flotal E has high moisture resistance.
  • Flotal E  is  highly  durable  mirror  produced  without  copper  and lead paint.(The  top coat of  the protective wet paint used  on  the  mirror  during  production  is 100  %  lead  free, and the lead content of the wet base coat  of the protective paint is <%0,5)
  • Flotal E has high corrosion resistance.
  • Environmentally  friendly  manufacturing  process  produces  less  waste  and  ensures    easier  onward recycling.
Thickness and Sizes
  • Flotal  E  is  available in  3, 4, 5 and 6  mm  thicknesses  on  Şişecam Tinted Float Glass  green,  grey, bronze and blue, Şişecam Clear Float Glass and Şişecam Ultra Clear Float Glass upon request
  • The processing and storing is same as traditional mirror. Please refer to the below mentioned link for processing guidelines.
  • Special  film  can  be  applied  to  the  back  of  the  mirror  if  safety  is  a  requirement. When installing  special  safety  film  applied  mirrors,  mechanical  fixings  should  also  be  used  as well as silicone.
  • Any acidic, alkaline or solvent chemicals should not be used for cleaning, and no residue from  cleaning products should be left around the edges.
  • When bonding, enough space should be provided between the mirror and the application surface to ensure the air circulation. Positioning the mirror too close to a source of intense heat should be avoided. To avoid optical distortion, the mirror should be installed flat.
  • Compatible  silicones  and  double sided  adhesive  tapes  which  are  recommended  by  the silicone  and  double  sided  adhesive  tape  manufacturer  should  be  used  for  installation. If any doubt with respect to compability, please test the silicone with mirror backing and sure about it.
  • Flotal E is  produced  in  accordance  with “EN  1036 Glass  in  building - Mirrors  from

silver - coated float glass for internal use.”