Ultra Clear Float Glass

  • Şişecam Ultra Clear Float Glass is the trademark of the low iron clear float glass of Şişecam Flat Glass.
  • Şişecam Ultra Clear Float Glass is manufactured with reduced iron content. The greenish tint in standard clear glass is not present when viewed from the edge.
  • It has high light transmittance and clarity.
  • Due to its transparency, the objects displayed behind are seen in their true colors and brightness.
  • Extra clear low iron glass can be used to produce laminated safety glass just like regular float glass and can be used virtually anywhere regular float glass can. Şişecam Ultra Clear Laminated Glass is the trademark of low iron laminated glass of Şişecam Flat Glass.Extra clear low iron glass can be used to produce mirror. Şişecam Ultra Clear Float Glass is the trademark of low iron mirror of Şişecam Flat Glass.
Thickness and Sizes
Thickness  Standard  Sizes (Inch) Tolerance on  Thickness  (Inch)
4mm (5/32") 84x126
± 0.008
5mm (3/16") 84x126
± 0.008
6mm (1/4") 84x126
± 0.008
8mm (5/16") 84x126
± 0.012
10mm (3/8") 84x126
± 0.012
12mm (1/2") 84x126
± 0.012
*The tolerances on nominal sizes are ± 3/16"
* In addition to above data for other thickness and size requests, please contact us.

With the higher light transmittance and clarity, Şextraclear_kullanim02işecam Ultra Clear Float Glass can be used for:

- shop windows,
- display cases in museums,
- atriums and balustrades,
- doors,
- furniture (table tops, coffee tables and shelves).

Performance Tables